Baby Platypus Hand Puppet Plush Stuffed Toy Animal by Folkmanis Puppets

  • $ 29.49


The unique baby platypus puppet is a curious-looking animal with webbed feet, furry beaver tail and a smooch-able, puckered up duck bill. Animate the mouth and front feet as you gaze into sweet, emotive eyes and you'll fall in love with this unusual creature.

Child minimum age recommendation:  3 years

Measures 16 inches long  (32 centimeters)

Brand new with tags by Folkmanis Puppets

Moveable mouth and forelegs

Product review:  My kindergarten students absolutely loved him! We had read Pete the Cat Meets the New Guy and they didn't know what a platypus was, so this puppet was awesome to be able to use in conjunction with the books I read them so they could see it. Love all the Folkmanis products I've used with the kids, and I will be back for more!



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