Light Up Firefly Finger Puppet Stuffed Animal Plush Glow Toy Insect Bug Folkmanis XL Toys Gift

  • $ 16.49


Squeeze to light up this cool firefly finger puppet

Child minimum age recommendation:  3 years

Measures 5 inches long

Brand new by Folkmanis Puppets

Product reviews:

This cute firefly was purchased to go along with the story The Very Lonely Firefly. Children love to have something to touch.

Our five year old had admired the firefly puppet for awhile. I finally bought this little gem and she adores it. She brings it to bed and uses it for imagination play and for a "nightlight" if she wakes and feels scared. She saw an informational show on PBS (Wild Kratts) that explains the life of a firefly including the patterns that they blink. We assumed the blinking was random, but it isn't! Now she practices the blinking patterns and knows what they are communicating. This toy has educational value and is also cute to play with.

I bought this to accompany a firefly book as a gift for a 4 yo. He adores playing with it and especially loves to take it outside in the evening to try and chat with other fireflies. Very well made and produces a nice warm light.



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