Flying Squirrel Plush Rodent Stuffed Animal Hand Puppet by Folkmanis Puppets

  • $ 22.49



Flying Squirrel Hand Puppet Video:

Measures 15 inches long, which includes its tail, and 6 inches wide  (30 centimeters long and 12 centimeters wide)

This nocturnal wide-eyed Flying-squirrel puppet is designed in ultra-soft plush in his flying position, allowing the puppeteer's hand to glide this adorable creature along.

Child minimum age recommendation:  3 years

Brand new with tags by Folkmanis Puppets

Product reviews:

I sent this directly to my 14 year old granddaughter and when my daughter sent me a picture of her holding this Squirrel she looked so happy that I knew I made a great choice! Then my GD called me to thank me and sounded so happy I almost cried. A few days latter my Daughter called and said "That squirrel is the best thing you could have bought that kid and the quality is the best!"

My granddaughter absolutely loves this toy. The overall quality is simply outstanding: the furry coat is soft and cuddly and the colors are totally realistic. The squirrel seems to come alive when my granddaughter manipulates it with her fingers, it's really quite remarkable to watch. Of course now that my other two granddaughters have seen the squirrel, I had no choice other than to place another order for two more. This toy is definitely worth every penny and will make a wonderful gift. Enjoy!




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