Rattlesnake Finger Puppet Rattle Snake Plush Animal Toy by Folkmanis Puppets

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Rattlesnake  |  Folkmanis 

Rattlesnake Finger Puppet

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Child minimum age recommendation:  3 years

Movable mouth and tail, 36 inches long when stretched out.  (72 centimeters)

Designed with the signature diamond back in browns of the desert, this rattler stretches out to 36 inches, has a movable mouth and a rattle in its tail.

Brand new with tags by Folkmanis Puppets

Product review:  This particular puppet is about 35" long, 1-1/2" thick, made of a plush fabric with a realistic snakeskin design. There is a slot just under its neck, big enough to insert a finger that may move the snake's jaw up and down and of course a rattle in its tail provides more interactive fun. Each Folkmanis puppet comes with a tag with plenty of species information.



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